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Bring the excitement of cooking shows into the game room with the Cake-N-Bake Challenge, a fast-paced, color-matching, cake-building game from Hey Buddy Hey Pal where the


A Fun & Colorful Game For The Entire Family!

Complete with colorful, textured foam cake slices, icing cards with toppings ranging from multi-colored candies and gummy pandas to strawberries and the classic rainbow sprinkles, the pressure is on to stack your cake correctly! Watch out for those Special Action Cards because they can be a recipe for disaster, like the One-Hand Card where you can only use one hand to bake, or the Burnt Cake Card where you miss a turn!  Look for the Mystery Cake Card because you can build almost any cake you want and speed to the buzzer.

Game Contents

1 deck of 50 game cards (24 Action Cards, 24 Special Action Cards, and 2 Create Your Own Challenge Cards), 32 Birthday Candle Cards, 1 Birthday Cake (cut into 6 pieces with different layers of textured foam pieces), 12 double-sided Icing Pieces, 1 Game Bell, and 1 Chef's Hat.

Experience the fun for yourself!

Cake-N-Bake Challenge brings family and friends together so you can

have your cake and play it too!

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